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Stop kidnappings and murders of Crimean Tatars

11 October 2016

Right in Moscow, close to Kremlin, activists placed posters with the photo of a missing Crimean Tatar human rights activist Ervin Ibragimov to draw attention of the international community to the kidnappings and murders of the Crimean Tatars in Crimea.
Help those who may be still alive to return home to their families! Share this video to make this call loud! 

Human rights activist Erwin Ibragimov was kidnapped on May, 24 in Crimean Bakhchisaray.
The investigation is delayed, regional branch of the federal security service of Russian Federation refused to take the statement about kidnapping from Ervin's family. This video is taken from security cameras, which show how Erwin was kidnapped by unknown people in uniform of traffic police.

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