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The bottom of the North Crimean Canal does not allow transporting water - Khlobystov

15 April 2021

Expert of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Yevhen Khlobystov on the air of the ATR TV channel commented on rumors that due to the critical situation with water in Crimea, Putin will try to break through a corridor to the North Crimean Canal. The expert stressed that the Russian Federation will not be able to launch the canal, since its condition does not allow transporting water.

“The problem is that even if the military presence of Russia is somewhere in the region of the Kakhovka reservoir, Nova Kakhovka is captured, they still will not launch the North Crimean Canal today, because its state does not allow exploitation. Funds and huge amounts of resources are necessary to make this channel work”,- he said.

Khlobystov explained that the bottom of this canal does not allow transporting water, since it is in cracks, in such a state that water will simply flow out, because the canal has been empty for 7 years.