Hostages of the Occupation: an exhibition about the fate of Crimean Tatar families opened in Lviv

February 17, 2021

On Friday, February 26, on the day of resistance to the occupation of Crimea, an exhibition Hostages of Occupation was opened in Lviv, which acquainted residents and guests of the city with the stories of 20 Crimean Tatars families who became hostages of the occupation of Crimea: 10 – internally displaced, 10 – families, who remained on the peninsula. Thus, the organizers of the event wanted to draw the attention of the Lviv public and guests of the city to the topic of the occupation of Crimea, the problems of the Crimean Tatars on the mainland of Ukraine and in the Crimea occupied by Russia.


“7 years ago, the invaders came to our Ukrainian land, to Crimea. We are confident that Crimea will return to Ukraine. The president, the central government, is doing everything possible for this. A striking example was the latest decision of the NSDC to block a number of TV channels. We are doing and will continue to do everything in our power to make Crimean Tatars in Lviv feel at home. To receive quality education and medical services. We are all a big Ukrainian family and people”,- said Ivan Sobko, deputy chairman of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

This event was organized by Crimean Tatar activists from Lviv – Enver Bekirov, Rustem Emiraliiev, Ernest Abkeliamov and others with the support of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center.