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#LIBERATECRIMEA: Can Russia steal Kyiv or why does the border guard need a weapon? (release 41)

5 June 2020

In the history of the Crimean Tatar people, the month of May is eventful, of course, one of the most significant tragic events is May 18, when in 1944 all the Crimean Tatar people were deported from Crimea, among whom were mostly elderly people, women and children.

In recent history, it was in May that the special forces of the Russian Federation kidnapped in 2014, Timur Shaimardanov, namely on May 25, and Seyran Zinedinov, namely on May 30, and in May 2016, Ervin Ibrahimov went missing. All of them are activists who opposed the occupation of Crimea by Russia.

This year, Russian occupants demonstrated “aerobatics”, as on May 30 at about 05:00 at the “Berloga” observation post near the railway bridge on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea, the senior soldier of the 13th battalion of the 95th airborne assault brigade Yevgen Dobrinsky was abducted while serving.

So what can it be? How in the territory, which is under the control of Ukraine, are they abducting a Ukrainian serviceman who is on duty, on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea, and what is  more without weapons? Whether can Russia seize Kyiv?

We’ll talk about this in the 41st release of the #LIBERATECRIMEA blog.