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There Can Be No De-occupation of Crimea Without the Information Policy - Bariiev about ATR

12 February 2020

Eskender Bariiev, head of the board of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, commenting on the financial blockage of ATR, said that these actions once again prove that Ukraine does not have a strategy to de-occupy Crimea, as the peninsula cannot be released without information policy.

“ATR is the only Crimean Tatar television channel and the only source of information about the situation in Crimea, where people who are directly related to the peninsula are working,” Bariiev explained.

The head of the board emphasized that due to the closure of Ukrainian TV channels and ATR, identity, communication, and information about Ukraine is superseded by Russian professional information policy and propaganda.

According to Eskender Bariiev, there is a fear that the Ukrainian state does not care about its indigenous people, their struggle, and Crimea -- “today the Crimean Tatars are not represented in the power structures, there is no serious personnel policy, ATR channel is not supported and funded, and most importantly, there is no strategy for de-occupying the peninsula".