Crimean Tatar Resource Center

17 June 2021

Experts have compared the situation in Belarus and in the occupied Crimea (video)

On Thursday, June 17, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Ukraine held the 19th session of the Crimean Discussion Club on the topic The authoritarian regime of Belarus and the occupation of Crimea. During the event, experts compared the situations in Belarus and the occupied Crimea and determined that there is a close relationship between these processes. Based on the discussion, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center will develop appropriate recommendations for the Ukrainian authorities.

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Scholarship program named after Lane Kirkland 2021

Scholarship Program of Lane Kirkland 2021 supports the individual development of young, motivated citizens. Since 2000 Almost 900 fellows took part in the program. 2 semesters of study in one of 5 Polish academic centers (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin), at least 2 weeks of professional internship in public, private and public organizations, as well as trainings and master classes. The scholarship will be awarded to young leaders and professionals with higher education interested in the development of democracy, market economy and civil society in their countries and region.

"Culture of Crimea". Separate part of the program "Significant events"

"Culture of Crimea" implements the joint goverment institution "Crimean House" and the goverment institution "Ukrainian Institute" and and is intended to ensure the preservation and promotion of the culture of the indigenous peoples of Crimea (Crimean Tatars, Krymchaks and Karaites) through the implementation of a large-scale cultural and artistic project that should become a landmark event for society.

Стипендиальная программа DAAD для обучения на программах развития

Организация The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) предлагает стипендии для обучения в Германии для иностранных студентов на программах магистратуры и аспирантуры в университетах Германии. Цель программы подготовить высококвалифицированных специалистов из развивающихся стран.