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Suleyman Kadyrov: "I am persecuted for political reasons, the case is falsified and fabricated"

12 February 2018

On Monday, February 12, a "court hearing" was held in Feodosiya city "court" in Crimea on the case of "Suleyman Kadyrov". The expert linguist and expert psychologist did not find appeals to violate the territorial integrity of Russia in Kadyrov's statements.In addition, the accused was questioned at the "court", who stated that the case against him was falsified and fabricated,- reports "Krym.Realii" with a reference to a correspondent of "Radio Liberty".


According to the correspondent of Radio Liberty, the experts came to the conclusion that there are no appeals in Kadyrov's words but only "approval". According to the expert linguist,  the experts of the FSB of Russia had no right to give a legal assessment of Kadyrov's words.

Suleyman Kadyrov said that he did not consider himself guilty and does not consider, and considers the case against himself falsified and fabricated. international law and   Constitution of the Russian Federation, which presupposes freedom of expression.

" The case is falsified and fabricated, I am persecuted for political reasons, I did not commit any extremist activities. The reference of the Center for Combating Extremism, which is in the materials of the case, also says that I have never been engaged in any extremist activity", -stated the activist, reports "Krym.Realii".

Kadyrov believes that Russian security services showed interest in him because of human rights activities.

Reference:  On October 5, 2016, Russian security officers came with a search to the house of the  Crimean Tatar activist Suleyman Kadyrov. Later, the FSB initiated criminal proceedings against Kadyrov for separatism, and the Russian service for financial monitoring put him on the list of extremists and terrorists. On October 18 this year, the so-called Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, charged Kadyrov with committing a crime under Part 2 of Art. 280.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Public Appeals for the implementation of extremist activities). The activist does not admit his guilt. On October 25, the so-called Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol completed the investigation of the criminal case against Suleyman Kadyrov.