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Nariman Memediminov’s detention period was extended for two months

14 March 2019

On Thursday, March 14, the Supreme "court" of Crimea extended the term of detention of civic journalist Nariman Memediminov until May 16. The defense submitted five motions, but all of them were rejected. It was reported by "Crimean solidarity".

In early February, it became known that Nariman Memediminov, who is being held in Simferopol detention center, was transferred to a cell with increased security. In addition, his health deteriorated. He is not provided proper medical care.

Recall: on March 22, 2018, Russian security officials searched the house of the activist of the “Crimean Solidarity”, a civic journalist Nariman Memediminov, in Kholmovka village, Bakhchisarai region. According to his wife, the search was carried out in a rigid form, the security forces broke down the front door and used obscene words. The man himself was detained on suspicion of public calls for terrorist activities.