Crimean Tatar Resource Center


9 April 2019

Analysis of violations of human rights in the occupied Crimea in 2018

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center presents the analysis of violations of human rights in the occupied Crimea in 2018. According to our information, during the reporting period there were registered: 6 victims, 1 missing person, 92 searches, 128 arrests, 152 interrogations/interviews, 206 arrests, 492 violations of the right to a fair trial, 57 cases of violations of the right to the highest attainable level of physical and mental health, 50 illegal transfers, etc. Most of the violations were committed against the representatives of the indigenous Crimean Tatar people. Also, the report mentions a number of illegal actions of the occupation authorities of Crimea, committed during 2018. In addition, the material contains a comparative analysis of violations of human rights in Crimea over 2017-2018.

8 April 2019

A meeting with Latvian diplomats took place in the CTRC office

On Friday, April 5, a working meeting was held in the office of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center with Andrejs Karpovičs, second secretary of Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine and Janis Kalva, second secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. The Head of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, Eskender Bariiev told the diplomats about the activities and projects implemented by the organization , as well as about CTRC advocacy campaigns, the international movement for the de-occupation of Crimea and solidarity with the Crimean Tatar people #LIBERATECRIMEA and informed the guests about the necessity to recognize the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people in 1944 as an act of genocide by Latvia.

28 March 2019

At least 20 people detained in a new crackdown against Crimean Tatar minority

Responding to news that Russian security forces in occupied Crimea have conducted extensive searches and detained ethnic community Crimean Tatars, Oksana Pokalchuk, Amnesty International Ukraine’s Executive Director, said: "The crackdown on the Crimean Tatar community, whose members are regarded as disloyal to the de facto Russian authorities, has continued unabated for five years".

18 March 2019

US Helsinki Commission: Crimeans lack the freedom to determine their collective destiny

Helsinki Commission Chairman Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (FL-20) and Co-Chairman Sen. Roger Wicker (MS) issued the following statement: By definition, citizens living under armed occupation lack the freedom to determine their collective destiny. According to the website of Commission on security and cooperation in Europe, Crimean Tatars and activists who object to the illegal Russian occupation, including Oleg Sentsov, are targets of persecution and violence by the Government of Russia.

18 March 2019

Russia lost $ 150 billion over 5 years of occupation of Crimea – Bloomberg

Analysts at Bloomberg Economics, citing a study published by Scott Johnson, over the past five years of occupation of Crimea, the economy of the Russian Federation has decreased by more than 10 percent - or 150 billion dollars - compared to 2013. It is due to the fall in oil prices, but otherwise it is the impact of sanctions and other factors. This is reported on the website of "Bloomberg".

18 March 2019

Sergey Kokurin - the second victim of Russian occupants in Crimea

Five years ago, on March 18, 2014, Sergey Kokurin an ensign of the Ukrainian military unit in Crimea was shot dead by the Russian military. He became the second victim of Russian occupants on the peninsula. He was killed by two shots - in the head and in the heart area - from AK-47 during the assault of the 13th photogrammetric center in Simferopol. During the assault, Kokurin stationed on watch of the observation tower of the military unit. The prosecutor's office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea opened a criminal case under Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("murder").